Cell Culture

Cell Culture

Cell Culture is a mainstay of many of our customers’ workflows as demonstrated by the array of staple and innovative products we offer from some of the worlds leading and emerging brands such as Copner Biotech and Jet Biofil


Lana, Equipment Sales Manager

“Hi, I’m Lana, I’m delighted to say that we offer a range of equipment perfect for all your cell culture needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, I can’t wait to hear from you!

"Microscopes perfect for cell culture"

Mark, Microscopy Sales Specialist

For the perfect tissue culture microscopes, look no further than the Primovert and Axio Vert. The Primovert is an excellent inverted microscope for checking on the health of your cells. With greater objective options and multi-channel fluorescence, the Axio Vert expands your experimental design


Luke- Sales and Marketing Director

“Products used in Cell Culture are a mainstay of the Appleton Woods range and we have a huge amount of experience supplying the products from world leading suppliers such as Corning our customers can rely on. Appleton Woods are premier Corning distributors and have complimented this range with recent Appleton and other brand additions.”


Stewart, Business Development and Product Manager

“We are delighted to work with suppliers such as Capricorn Scientific and Copner Biotech so that we can supply tissue culture media and reagents as well as offer a range of synthetic hydrogels for 3D cell culture – both of which are proving very popular”

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