AppMag PCR Clean Up Beads

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AppMag PCR Clean Up Beads are based on paramagnetic bead technology designed for purification of amplicons 60 base pairs (bp) and larger.

The protocol involves binding, washing and then eluting steps that allow the efficient removal of primers, primer-dimers, salts and dNTPs.

DNA fragments are selectively bound to the magnetic bead particles leaving purified DNA following elution with low salt elution buffer or water that can then be used straight away in the following applications:

  • PCR
  • Mutation detection and genotyping
  • Sequencing (Sanger and Next Generation)
  • Cloning
  • Restriction enzyme clean up
  • Microarrays.

AppMag PCR Clean Up Beads can be used for a manual procedure as well as being compatible with automatic liquid handling instruments using this protocol as a guideline.

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