rh-Vitronectin, 0.1mg x 5

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Vitronectin is a protein present naturally in animals and can be used with growth media used in cultivated meat to speed up the growth and proliferation of cells. Multus recombinant human Vitronectin can be used as an extracellular matrix (ECM) to promote cell proliferation and supports normal colony morphology for different cell types. This is an animal free product.

  • Safety: Rigorous quality control ensures maximum sterility and minimum endotoxin levels. Risk of contamination from viruses and immunogens are avoided by design.
  • Storage: Upon arrival, store the product below -70°C. Upon first thawing, aliquot it to avoid damage via repeated freeze-thaw cycle. Before use, thaw Vitronectin overnight at 4°C, then freeze it immediately after use.

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