Lambda™ EliteMax Semi-automated Benchtop Pipettor, Corning

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The Corning® Lambda™ EliteMax Semi-automated Benchtop Pipettor can perform a variety of liquid handling tasks including:

  • Plate filling from reagent reservoirs
  • Serial dilutions, plate-to-plate transfers, tube-to-tube transfers, and plate replication
  • Well-to-well transfers (cherry picking protocol for single-channel head only). Unit comes with a single-channel and 12-channel head installed.
  • Accurately and precisely transferring liquids and compounds between microplates
  • Transferring by row or by column

More complex applications can be performed such as sample preparation, timed reaction, PCR preparation, and cell-based assays set up.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use liquid benchtop handling system
  • Blowout feature
  • Speed can be changed
  • Large touch screen controller
  • You can create multiple user accounts for storing preferences, protocols and methods.


  • Saves space on the lab bench (only 520 x 285 x 360mm and 20kg)
  • Fits in a biosafety cabinet
  • Dispense all excess liquid that remains in the tip after dispensing depending on the type of liquid or compound being transferred
  • Allows the user to easily control the device.

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