flowbot ONE

flowbot ONE

It shouldn’t be hard to automate your liquid handling.
The flowbot ONE pipetting robot is here to make your lab life easier!


The flowbot ONE is:

  • Easy to use – Performs a variety of different applications
  • User-Friendly – No programming expertise needed!
  • Flexible – Programme easily adjusted to new lab protocols
  • Cost effective!

Manual work in the lab is tedious and many hours can be spent pipetting. Automation can offload the stress of continuous pipetting so time can be spent doing more valuable lab work!

Long hours spent pipetting can lead to RSI and other strain injuries. Automation helps to reduce this by doing all the hard work for you!

Human error accounts for 55% of all pipetting errors. Using automation will reduce the risk of error and allow for more reliable results.

Why choose the flowbot ONE?

Higher precision and accuracy. Reducing the rate of human error!

You can automate your workflow in minutes!

Less time spent pipetting, means more time for great science!

Finally, a user-friendly liquid handling robot!

Did you know… Appleton Woods offer compatible consumables and reagents which can be pre-programmed into the software providing YOU with a complete solution.

Offers a range of workflows...

flow robotics, flowbot ONE

ELISA Sample Preparation

flow robotics, flowbot ONE

PCR and qPCR

flow robotics, flowbot ONE

Dilutions and Aliquoting

flow robotics, flowbot ONE

Next Generation Sequencing

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