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The flowbot ONE is a high throughput benchtop automated liquid handler with an intuitive user interface. With the flowbot ONE, you can start automating your liquid handling tasks on the day of delivery.

Key features offered by the flowbot ONE:

• 2 pipette modules (chose between 1,4 and 8-channels)
• A large volume range: 1-20µl, 2-200µl and 10-1000 µl
• A 12 position deck in SBS format
• Automatic liquid level detection and mixing options
• A drag and drop interface with no programming experience needed
• Customisable racking to fit your labware

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Pipette Channels
1 Channel
4 Channel
8 Channel
Volume ranges
1-20 µl
2-200 µl
10 – 1000 µl

Why Automation?

Human error accounts for 55% of all pipetting errors. The flowbot ONE performs accurate and precise pipetting to allow for reproducibility in experiments.
Manual pipetting can increase the risk of Musculo-skeletal disorders such as Repetitive Strain Injuries. The flowbot ONE eliminates these risks resulting in a much more productive work force.
The flowbot ONE offers a high throughput increasing productivity within your lab.
All experimental data for the flowbot ONE is recorded and stored in an internal hard drive which can be downloaded securely meaning full traceability for all experiments.

Watch the flowbot ONE in action below…

Compatible with a range of workflows…

flowbot ONE

ELISA Sample Preparation

flowbot ONE

PCR and qPCR

flowbot ONE

Dilutions and Aliquoting

flowbot ONE

Next Generation Sequencing

User friendly software interface

  • Share programs with other users
  • Log files in both PDF and CSV format
  • Create and amend your own liquid classes
  • Create and amend your own components
  • Preview programs before you run them
  • Time estimate provided when setting up programs
  • Patented computer vision technology in the robot will recognize your labware through QR codes.

Additional Options and Devices

The flowbot ONE comes with the opportunity to integrate various devices that fit your needs


Magnetic deck


Barcode scanner

Workflow packages and support available

You can tailor a package to suit your workflow and purchase support packages in which the expert team at Flow Robotics will help to automate your workflow for you.

Preventative maintenance packages

Appleton Woods also offers a preventative maintenance package for your flowbot ONE giving you piece of mind that your flowbot will continue to operate as efficiently as possible.

Contact David today for a preventative maintenance quote.

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