3D Cell Culture Scaffolds

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Copner Biotech have developed bespoke 3D modelling and printing techniques in order to create 3D PETG cell culture scaffold structures. These scaffolds are housed in a 24 well plate and shipped non-sterile.

Manufactured in the UK
Animal free
Lower carbon footprint

3D Scaffold Benefits

  • Cells exhibit more physiologically relevant morphologies when compared to 2D culture
  • Physiologically relevant environment and more healthy biomarkers
  • Enhanced cell capture and adhesion whilst using low cell seeding concentrations
  • Uses up to 10 times less antibody for staining applications
  • Encourages the growth of balanced and confluent cell systems
  • Reproducibility due to lack of batch to batch variation
  • Easy to use and has a 24 month shelf life

Scaffold Structure

3D Scaffold Microscope Pic
  • Discrete oxygen and nutrient gradients across the scaffold interface, due to heterogeneity in pore size and distribution. This encourages cell proliferation and migration.
  • The PETG material has been altered to optimise surface roughness and improve cell attachment and proliferation.
  • The 3D PETG scaffold system has interconnected pores throughout the entire structure and is designed to easily culture and harvest spheroid cultures.
  • Scaffolds show rigidity and do not degrade – perfect for long term culture of cells!


Scaffold Spheroid Microscope Pic
  • Cells demonstrate successful migration from the centre to the periphery of the scaffold, resulting in a balanced, confluent cell system that resembles the patterns of in vivo tissue.
  • Cellular proliferation – the PETG material mediates cell division events, whilst minimising cell loss, resulting in significant expansion of cultures over a short space of time.
  • Cellular attachment and viability
  • Spheroid formation – scaffolds encourage the formation of spheroid cultures
  • Can be used with induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs)
  • For more details, download our poster and brochure from the ‘Downloadable Documents’ section!

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