Corning® Collagen I, Rat Tail, 100mg

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  • Corning® Collagen I is used either as a thin layer on tissue-culture surfaces to enhance cell attachment and proliferation, or as a gel to promote expression of cell-specific morphology and function
  • Source – Rat tail tendon
  • Purity = 90% by SDS-PAGE
  • Tested for ability to promote attachment and spreading of HT-1080 human fibrosarcoma cells
  • Forms firm gel up to a dilution of 1:10; further dilution will decrease rigidity of gel
  • Tested and found negative for bacteria, fungi, and mycoplasma
  • Formulation – liquid in 0.02 N acetic acid, concentration range 3-4mg/mL
  • Handling – effective as a gel or thin coating at a recommended concentration of 5-10µg/cm2 of growth surface depending on cell type
  • Stable for at least three months at 2° to 8°C. Do not freeze


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