Appleton Woods carries stock of a range of leading healthcare brands, our most common items are below but please feel free to contact the specialist below or our customer services team for more support finding the products you need including PPE, safety and cleaning products


Lana, Equipment Sales Manager

“We have an wide range of high quality, reliable equipment suited to medical laboratories. We offer safety and cleaning solutions such as autoclaves and steam sterilisers, as well as research instruments such as microscopes and cell counters. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.”


Stewart, Business Development and Product Manager

“The Appleton appMag beads for NGS workflows and other genomic applications has proved to be a very welcome addition into our reagent portfolio and a real customer favourite”

Safety and Cleaning

Luke, Sales and Marketing Manager

“We have been a proud supplier to the NHS and other healthcare providers since our inception and we continue to offer a growing range of consumables that can be used in this sector including PPE, safety and cleaning products as well as sustainable options.”

Healthcare Essentials

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