appTAQ RedMix (2X), 200 reactions

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  • For routine PCR of amplicons up to 6kb
  • Contains appTAQ polymerase, reaction buffer and an inert red dye for visualising PCR products by agarose gel electrophoresis for extra convenience
  • Pre-optimised buffer system with pre-added dNTPs and MgCl2
  • Works under standard or fast cycling conditions
  • Clone PCR products into TA vectors
  • Amplifies from complex GC- rich or AT-rich templates
  • Suitable sample types: mammalian genomic DNA/ GC- or AT-rich DNA

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  1. Dr Keith Brown

    We tried this for an undergraduate PCR practical, as an alternative to using separate Taq, buffer and dNTPs, which had a low success rate previously. The RedMix worked really well, with many more students getting results, so that our success rate for the most difficult PCR went from about 20% to 60%.

  2. Gareth McVicker

    We purchased this to trial against a few different Taq master mixes and much prefer it to other suppliers. It works very nicely for routine PCR but also for bacterial colony PCR (i.e. adding a colony directly to the PCR mix with no pre-boiling or DNA extraction necessary – something that other Taqs can struggle with). It consistently gives us very bright bands. We’re very happy to continue to use this product and would recommend it for anyone doing lots of colony PCRs, both for ease of use and amplification yield.

    Gel 1

    Gel 2

  3. Alessia Bani

    AppTaq Red Mix successfully amplifies low copy number gene from eDNA samples. Customer service is also always friendly and quick in solving any issues.

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