Academic Research

Academic Research

Since it’s inception in 1967 Appleton Woods has supplied laboratory products into the Academic market. Today we have a comprehensive range of high quality consumables, reagents and equipment highlighted by the mainstays below from manufacturers such as Corning, Capricorn Scientific and Stuart

Appleton Equipment

Lana, Equipment Sales Manager

There are certain benchtop equipment items that are essential to all laboratory research, and we aim to offer good quality options within our Appleton range. We regularly have these items in stock and we are so confident in the quality of these products that most of them are covered by the Appleton Promise guarantee! Contact me if you would like to discuss anything else about the Appleton products”

Appleton Consumables

Luke, Sales and Marketing Manager

University research laboratories have relied on us to provide high quality, value for money products for over 50 years and in that time we have continued to expand the range to ensure we keep up with the latest developments and requirements. Our Appleton range stays true to these principles whilst being considerate to sustainability”

Appleton Reagents

Stewart, Business Development and Product Manager

“Over the last few years we have introduced some great new reagents into the Appleton brand portfolio. This offers quality products that you can rely on at great prices. Get in touch if you would like to know more!”

"Other essential products in Academia"

ZEISS Microscopes

Mark, Microscopy Sales Specialist

ZEISS offer a range of microscopes that can be customised to fit your needs, from different fluorescence levels to a range of objectives… We have all the microscopes to suit your needs!”


Luke, Sales and Marketing Manager

Hi, I’m Luke, Click here to enquire about other labware you may need!”

Large Equipment

Lana, Equipment Sales Manager

“We have an extensive range of well-known manufacturers, and I am confident that we can help you with anything; from purchasing your next under bench freezer to setting up a brand new laboratory. Please contact me if you have any questions or if you can’t easily find what you are looking for – I am happy to try and source what you need.”