Wide Bore Tips, Axygen

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  • Wide bore tips are ideal for pipetting viscous materials, genomic DNA or delicate cell cultures
  • Graduation marks allow a visual confirmation of pipettor draw accuracy
  • 3 packaging options – bulk bag, racked, racked & sterile
  • Manufactured from clear Polypropylene
  • Axygen MAXYMUM RECOVERY® pipette tips feature ultra-smooth surfaces for maximum sample recovery
    • Exclusive moulding technology
    • Reduce sample loss
    • Save costly reagents
    • Maximise accuracy and precision


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AXT121 T-205-WB-C Price: £357.77 (Excluding VAT at 20%) 20000

AXT122 T-205-WB-C-R Price: £207.23 (Excluding VAT at 20%) 4800

AXT123 T-205-WB-C-R-S Price: £216.86 (Excluding VAT at 20%) 4800

AXT131 T-1005-WB-C Price: £154.58 (Excluding VAT at 20%) 5000

AXT132 T-1005-WB-C-R Price: £317.03 (Excluding VAT at 20%) 5000

AXT133 T-1005-WB-C-R-S Price: £348.71 (Excluding VAT at 20%) 5000