Pipette tips, low retention, graduated, Appleton

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  • New improved low retention polypropylene tips with thinner walls and more finely tapered tips for efficient liquid release
  • Raised rim on rack for easy stacking
  • Automation-compatible, sturdy rack footprint
  • Rack lid angles back and out of way for easy multi-channel pipetting
  • Hinged clasp for secure closure and easy one-hand operation
  • Removable, hinged rack lids allow partial opening for autoclaving
  • Reusable racks designed to withstand multiple autoclave cycles
  • Colour coded racks (10uL – red, 20uL – yellow & 200uL, 1250 uL – blue)
  • Certified RNase, DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitor free and non-pyrogenic
  • Non-sterile or sterile options

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  1. Lab Manager – UCL

    I think general consensus would be that these tips are at least as good, if not better, than the current ones we have. The extra length is very useful in many situations, the clarity is good so you can see if anything has been retained or what has been taken up, and they certainly are good for low retention. A good quality product which is certainly up to the job.

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