Corning® Spheroid Microplates, black/clear round bottom, with lid, Ultra-Low Attachment surface, sterile

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  • Optically clear round bottom with black opaque microplate body
  • Covalent attachment of Ultra-Low Attachment surface to reduce cellular adhesion to well surface
  • Novel proprietary well geometry aids formation of spheroids in centre of well
  • Unique design that shields each well to minimize well-to-well cross-talk

The Corning® Spheroid microplate may be used in many research areas including:

  • Stem cell biology
  • Cancer/Tumor biology
  • ADME/Tox
  • Neurobiology and metabolic disease
  • Drug screening/high throughput screening

Key Benefits

  • Ideal to generate and analyze 3D multicellular spheroids in the same microplate.
  • The spheroid microplate is optimized for visualization, thanks to the black opaque microplate body, which reduces well-to-well cross-talk.
  • An excellent tool to create a uniform, centred, single spheroid formation across all wells with a simple and easy to use “plug and play” protocol.
  • No specialized equipment is required and the Corning spheroid microplate is compatible with HTS instruments.
  • Easy for media or buffer change.
  • No transfer step necessary for visualization or assay reduces the risk of damaging your work because there are fewer steps which leave less of a chance of harming your cell culture, and it’s also less cost per run.

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