Transport Swabs, UTM, Sterilin

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  • Ideal for the collection and transport of clinical specimens containing aerobes, anaerobes, fastidious bacteria, viruses & Chlamydia
  • Unique nylon flocked swab – a novel and patented design that ensures maximum sample recovery and sample release. The flocked swab releases around 95% of the sample into the medium – at least four times more than a regular swab
  • Maintains viability of aerobes, anaerobes and fastidious bacteria for up to 48 hours at room temperature*
  • Preserves nucleic acids and antigens of bacteria, viruses and Chlamydia
  • Room temperature stable and incorporates a cryoprotectant
  • Free-standing polypropylene skirted tube with conical base enabling convenient sample preparation
  • Available as filled tubes with a choice of separate individually wrapped swabs or a collection kit with the swab included
  • All swabs feature molded breakpoint to enable safe, reliable breaking of the swab into the tube — enables the regular swab to be captured by the cap as it is replaced on the tube

* only 24 hours for Neisseria gonorrhoea


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