PG 8593 Glass Washers with HEPA forced air drying, Miele

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Optimally designed laboratory washer with perfectly aligned wash pressure and ideally designed baskets, filters, and spray arms. Miele™ PG 8593 Laboratory Glassware Washers features a variety of specific wash programs to meet multiple laboratory needs.

Product Details

  • Control System: TouchControl
  • Capacity: 128 flasks / 98 Pipettes per cycle
  • Outer casing: Stainless Steel
  • Fuse Rating: 30-32 amp supply
  • External Dimensions: 835 x 600 x 600 (hxdxw)

Product Benefits

  • Patented Variable speed heater pump – allows the wash pressure to be adjusted for individual programme blocks – high pressure facilitates the removal of stubborn soiling, while low pressure guarantees complete wetting of the whole load.
  • DryPlus – the perfect solution for hollow body instruments. The upstream H13 HEPA filter ensures optimum particle separation from the drying air. The filter can be easily accessed via a cover in the front of the plinth area.
  • Numerous user-specific programmes – tested and recommended by leading instrument and laboratory glassware manufacturers.
  • High Capacity – all wash and pressure chambers have generous volumes for each of the performance classes. The comprehensive range of load carriers for every area of use facilitates the efficient use of this space.
  • Easy-to-service construction – Miele Professional is keen to encourage simplicity in the design of its appliances from the development stage onwards, as this facilitates easy access and quick servicing
  • Crevice-free wash cabinet – seamlessly welded using laser technology and its smooth joints provide no chance for dirt deposit build-up
  • Ethernet and RS 232 Interface

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Construction type and version 
Construction type
Freestanding, can be built-under, slim
Outer casing
Stainless steel
Can be built-under
Electrical door lock
Buzzer, acoustic signal at end of programme
Service-friendly design


Performance data 
Circulation pump Qmax in l/min.
Maximum final rinse temperature in °C 93
Wash cabinet usable capacity in l
Tested operating hours


Standard electrical connection 
Electrical connection
AC 230V 50HZ
Heater rating in kW 5.5
Total connected load in kW 6.3 (230V) / 9.3 (400V)
Fuse rating in A 30-32 (230V) / 15-16 (400V)
Length of mains cable in m


1 dispenser pump for liquid cleaning agent
Steam condenser
Spray pressure monitoring
Spray arm monitoring
Multi-component filter system
Variable speed heater pump
Wash cabinet seamlessly welded using laser technology
Heater elements outside wash cabinet
Wash cabinet made from high-quality stainless steel (1.4301/304)
A wide range of accessories (optional)


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