Axiovert 5 Digital Microscopes

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Your All-in-One Cell Imaging System.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already helping us with our daily lives, from automated driving and home assistants to securing smartphones with facial recognition.

Now, Axiovert 5 digital brings AI into your cell lab to ease your daily work. It will make your processes more efficient and your results more reproducible. Stay relaxed, even when there is a lot going on around you.


  • Work outside the box– Experience the full advantages of an all-in-one microscope system. From scientific routine to basic research, even novice users are guaranteed to produce brilliant images. All you have to do is turn on your system and start working. Don’t worry about settings or adjustments – they’re already done. And don’t be afraid of how your cells are getting along in a closed box. You will always have an eye on them.
  • Save time and let AI do the work- With Axiovert 5 digital it’s this easy to save time, which could be crucial to the vitality of your cells. Save time setting up the system, time setting up acquisition parameters, time training new colleagues, time acquiring images – and time going from images to results. Axiovert 5 digital uses artificial intelligence. Cell counting and cell confluency are automatically determined by readily available AI modules. AI is now accessible to everyone in your lab: no training or pre-knowledge required. Results are available instantly with just one click and they are absolutely reproducible. Relax and enjoy watching AI do the work for you.
  • Simply made for youAxiovert 5 digital is your perfect fit for multi-user environments as proper system operation is supported by design. This all-in-one imaging system comes with an intuitive operating concept. One click on the snap button is sufficient to trigger:
    • single image acquisition as well as multi-channel fluorescence image acquisition of up to 5 channels
    • the AI cell counting and confluency workflow: acquire images and get them analyzed instantly
    • video recording

Make Your Cell Experiments More Reproducible

It’s time to start making your experiments more reproducible, using pre-trained artificial intelligence to analyze the number of cells and the covered cell area automatically.
The ZEISS Labscope modules AI Cell Confluency and AI Cell Counting fit perfectly into your workflow. Examine your cells as usual, then simply take a picture as you move from one position to another in your cell culture vessel. The images are analyzed automatically, and you will receive an instant result, visually and quantitatively.

Cell line in phase contrast

Cell line analyzed with ZEISS Labscope

All microscopes can be customised, please contact our Microscopy Specialist, Dr. Mark Perkins, to find your perfect configuration!

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