Advanced Melting Point Apparatus, SMP30, Stuart

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  • Designed for fast accurate determination of melting points
  • Maximum temperature 400°C
  • Integrated cooling 350°C to 50°C in 10 minutes
  • Can take three samples simultaneously within the optimised heating block
  • Bright white LED illumination for the clearest view of the samples during the melt
  • Large, clear back lit alphanumeric LCD
  • Record up to 8 events in memory for each of the three sample tubes, with temperature, date and time recorded
  • Patent pending head up display allows the user to see the block temperature and sample at once
  • Two stage head adjustment for comfortable viewing
  • Unit also features slots for storing pre-prepared samples and a storage draw to hold a container of capillary tubes
  • Optional accessory printer produces a written record of the melt
  • Supplied with pack of glass melting point tubes, sealed at one end (SM4004)


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