Capricorn Scientific Opens New State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility

In September our Sales and Marketing Director; Luke Housley, was lucky enough to travel to the beautiful city of Marburg, near Frankfurt in Germany, to find out how the brilliant new Capricorn facility can benefit our customers.

The 3-day meeting was an opportunity to not only meet other Capricorn distributors across the globe and explore the new facility but also to explore the rapidly growing Capricorn range and learn about their innovative new products.

There has been a lot of turbulence in the Tissue Culture media and Sera market due to some large suppliers reducing or removing large proportions of their product portfolios, making Capricorn’s decision to invest heavily in increased production and quality control a very welcome sight to customers.

Capricorn Scientific was established in 2016, under the very experienced and knowledgeable management of founder and CEO Harry Brack. The company has grown in capability due to its focus on quality and the requirements of its customers. Capricorn is ISO9001:2015 accredited and is distributed in over 40 countries, whilst being capable of producing batch volumes up of to 2,000L in two parallel production lines, including powder production in lots of up to 30,000L.

“Our customers are always our focus and we take care to find the best solutions with our specialists. Recently we have expanded our production site to fulfil this vision throughout the world”
-Harry Brack, CEO and founder.

Capricorn isn’t just content with supplying larger volumes of their current range from the new facility but is also dedicating significant resources into product development in conjunction with prestigious academic partners such as Frankfurt University. The meeting detailed the advances they are making in both Sera and Cell Culture Media such as the new FBS Xtra range with reduced serum content bringing reduced batch-to-batch variation, however not altering the fantastic performance and reproducibility.

“I was particularly impressed with the effort Capricorn are going to in an attempt to solve the problems customers have but also what they anticipate to be the problems in the future. The Cytogenetics products such as Amnioprime and Lymphoprime deal with the very real, hear-and-now, issues of supply as larger players pull out of the market. FBS Xtra on the other hand and Advanced Media’s deal with the problem of spiraling Serum costs which are only expected to get worse in the future. Each range carries added benefits such as better-defined results and it was great to hear how much thought and attention Capricorn have put into their product development”
-Luke Housley, Sales and Marketing Director

Appleton Woods carry stock of the Capricorn range in our Kings Norton, Birmingham warehouse and are contacted daily by customers struggling to source product or looking to stabilise the increasing costs they are continuously facing. We have the added benefit of being able to supply complete packages so if you have only thought of Appleton Woods to supply your Tissue Culture flasks – then why not get in contact with our Business Development and Product Manager; Dr Stewart Sale to find out how we can help with your media and sera needs as well.

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