VeroPrime, Chemically Defined Medium, w/o L-Glutamine, w/o Phenol Red, 1000ml

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VeroPrime is a serum-free and chemically defined Vero medium that promotes the growth of Vero cells for the production of virus or recombinant proteins. Furthermore, VeroPrime is free of animal and human origin.

Vero cells are obtained from the kidney of African green monkeys. This anchorage-dependent cell line has been licensed for the production of both live and inactivated viral vaccines. The Vero cell line is widely accepted by regulatory authorities and has been used for decades to produce diverse viral vaccines. The regulatory requirements discourage the use of animal products, such as serum, in the process of vaccine production, and they should thereby be avoided.

Capricorn Scientific has developed serum-free and animal component-free media for the propagation of Vero cells. The media also support the growth of Vero cells on microcarriers in controlled environments. Therefore, our media are ideal for vaccine production.

This product is formulated without L-Glutamine and without Phenol Red.


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