Genova Bio / 7205 Bio UV/Visible 72 Series Diode Array Scanning Spectrophotometer

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The multi-element detectors on these scanning spectrophotometers measures the entire wavelength range at once, reducing wait times. Measurement modes include photometrics, concentration, optical density (O.D. at 600 nm), quantitation, spectrum scanning, and kinetics. Each dataset contains readings from the complete spectrum, making the data readily available for future analysis.

The orientation of the detector shields the array from stray light—perform measurements with the lid open, exchange samples quickly, and decreases user errors in results. The large color touch screen is easy to read, and the graphical interface is intuitive. The USB port on the rear connects with a printer (order separately), while the USB on the front accepts flash drives for data storage, quantitation curve uploads, and firmware updates.

Use the preprogrammed nucleic acid and protein measurement modes to calculate concentration levels. The nucleic acids measurement mode quantifies the concentration and purity of dsDNA, sDNA, RNA, and oligonucleotides. A simple touch of a button can check the purity of the nucleic acids. Calculate the protein concentration using the protein measurement mode. Preprogrammed methods for measuring Bradford, Lowry, Biuret, and Bicinchoninic Acid (BCA) assays minimize errors.


  • Simultaneous measurement of all wavelengths increases productivity
  • Fast scan speed—as short as 3 seconds
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Multiple measurement modes for broad application compatibility
  • Sample chamber lid can be left open—ideal for tall test tubes
  • Color touch screen and user-friendly interface make setup easy
  • Dedicated to life science applications—preprogrammed for DNA, RNA and protein analysis
  • Narrow spectral bandwidth of 3 nm identifies peaks for determining nucleic acid purity
  • Wavelength range: 198 to 800 nm
  • Spectral bandwidth is 3 nm


Micro-cuvette holder, USB memory stick, and power adapter with three plugs (US, EU, and UK).

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