GBOX-Chemi-XX6 gel documentation system, 230V, 50Hz, Syngene

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  • Super high resolution with 6 million pixel CCD camera having QE greater than 73% @ 425nm giving outstanding sensitivity for chemiluminescence
  • Effective resolution up to 18 million pixels
  • Motor driven lens with feedback Integral LED white lighting for sample positioning, visible light applications and colorimetric markers
  • Motor driven 7 position filter wheel with UV filter to extend applications
  • Automatic or manual control using GeneSys acquisition software
  • Pre-defined ‘one click’ protocols for speedy imaging
  • Unlimited user saveable protocols
  • Use with UV transilluminator for DNA imaging – use converter screen for visible light applications such as protein gels
  • Use with Blue LED UltraBright transilluminator for ‘safe-dye’ applications
  • Includes unlimited copies of GeneTools analysis software
  • Built-in light gantries for LED EPI illumination options
  • Fully variable motor driven sample stage to accommodate large to small gel formats
  • GeneSys controlled with auto focus
  • Powerful automatic mulitplex capture protocol using red, green or blue LED EPI modules
  • Add IR Multiplex kit , EPI lighting modules and filters to image IR blots using dyes from LI-COR® and DyLight
  • Add Edge Lighting unit for 2D gel imaging (DIGE)
  • IQ/OQ qualification protocols available as optional
  • Max image size 323 x 256mm
  • Transilluminator or white light converter not included (see accessories)
  • An external computer is also required for operation of the system
  • 3 year warranty

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