CMU Uncontrolled Electromantles, Electrothermal

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MU heating mantles are used in wet chemistry to heat liquids in round bottom flasks. The metal case is designed to remain “cool-to-the-touch” when in operation. Electrothermal heating mantles have a grounded stainless steel earth screen covering the element and are double fused for added safety.


  • Valuable for fume hood or remote working
  • Must be used with a controller; HM0009
  • Round bottom flask capacities of between 50ml to 5000ml
  • Cool-to-touch” outer casing
  • Element temperatures up to 450°C
  • Indicator lamps for power and heater operation
  • Replaceable insulated heater cartridge
  • Rugged, easy to clean powder coated aluminium casing
  • Non-skid feet and support clamps (but not including the support rods)
  • Flexible coiled heating elements absorb shock, minimising the risk of flask breakage
  • Heating element is attached to a rigid thermal insulating cartridge to ensure maximum heat transfer and support
  • Safety features such as grounded earth stainless steel screen covering the heating element and double fuses
  • Warranty: One year parts and labour


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