Borealis BA/BA-T Series Micro-analytical Balances, A&D Weighing

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  • Available with single line LCD (BA) or multi-function colour touchscreen (BA-T) displays
  • 5-inch wide colour touch screen that enables intuitive operation of advanced features (BA-T series)
  • Automatic and programmable opening/closing of the breeze break doors using non-contact IR sensors
  • Detachable breeze break unit with easily clean separable glass panes for better cleanability*1
  • No grooves for the sliding doors so that contaminants do not accumulate
  • Additional Inner breeze break for 0.001 mg models to increase stability*1
  • External ionizer for instant static removal*2
  • User access control (UAC) with user rights management and password lock functions History information for log-in/log-out, operation, sensitivity adjustment, and impact shock detection (ISD)
  • Impact shock detection (ISD) providing feedback to prevent damage to the weight sensor (patented)
  • Multiple languages: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, or Japanese (for the BA-T series)
  • Formulation mode for quick, accurate weighing of multiple samples to mix (for the BA-T series)
  • HPLC mode for preparing buffer solutions for high-performance liquid chromatography (for the BA-T series)
  • Daily/periodic balance check support (for the BA-T series)
  • Smart routine check (SRC) function (for the BA-T series)
  • On-screen levelling assist (for the BA-T series)
  • AD-Just – Automatic self-sensitivity adjustment using the internal weight Internal repeatability test to quickly assess the performance under a given environment
  • Data memory function (for the BA series)
  • Selectable response characteristics for trading faster weighing speed for higher display stability or vice versa
  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output to meet documentation requirements
  • Universal Flexi Coms (UFC) to customize printout content and layout*3
  • Gross/Net/Tare output
  • Counting mode with the Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) function
  • Percent mode function for target weighing or checking sample variation
  • Statistical calculation function (SCF) to facilitate the analysis of measurements (for the BA-T series)
  • Auto power ON and OFF functions
  • Underhook for weighing a magnetic material as well as measuring density
*1 Patent pending
*2 Optional for the BA-225/225D/125D
*3 For editing and sending UFC setting commands, download WinCT-UFC

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