AxyPrep FragmentSelect-I Kit

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  • The AxyPrep Mag Fragment Select kits utilise a unique paramagnetic bead technology for high-throughput DNA size selection. The kits provide a consistent performance and high recovery whilst efficiently removing primer-dimers
  • FragmentSelect-I kit is optimised for Illumina and life Technologies (SOliD) next generation sequencing platforms
  • FragmentSelect-R is optimised for Roche/454 DNA Genome sequencer library construction workflows
  • Get over 600% more yield compared to other beads
  • Versatile and flexible sequential fragment size selection: No gels needed
  • Scalable: Tube, 96 and 384 well plate formats
  • Manual and automation friendly
  • Available in a range of sizes – 18 preps (5ml), 175 preps (50ml) or 875 preps (250ml) – based on 100µl DNA Reaction Volume (96 well)
  • No hazardous chemicals

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