96 & 384 Well Microplates with Poly-D-Lysine, Corning

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Poly-D-Lysine (PDL) coated polystyrene microplates are coated with a 70 to 150 kDa PDL polymer via a proprietary method. This polymer creates a uniform net positive charge on the plastic surface which can enhance cell attachment, growth and differentiation. In addition, this product can foster increased survival in serum-free and low serum conditions for certain cell types.

Quality Testing
Each lot of Poly-D-Lysine coated plates has been tested for cell attachment performance in serum-free media using BHK-21 adherent cells. Each lot is also tested for endotoxins, bacteria and fungi.


Numerous cell lines have been cultured successfully on PDL coated surfaces including the following:

  • HEK-293
  • NIH3T3
  • L929
  • Mouse 3T3 fibroblasts
  • PC12
  • Chicken chondrocytes
  • Mouse pituitary cells
  • Ovarian tumor cells
  • Transgenic mouse Q5B and Y8 cells
  • Cortical neurons
  • DRG (dorsal root ganglia)
  • Neocortical cells
  • Spinal cord neurons
  • Hippocampal neurons
  • Cerebellar granule cells
  • GH3 pituitary tumor cells
  • SF 21 Insect cells
  • Mouse GT1-7 cells


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