DNA & RNA Extraction

DNA & RNA Extraction

Accurate results go hand in hand with high quality consumables and reagents and Appleton Woods only offers products from manufacturers that meet our customers high standards picked by our specialists. A collection of our most popular can be found below


Stewart, Business Development and Product Manager

BioEcho kits are the ideal choice for any lab doing DNA extraction – they offer quality results, in a quick time, at a competitive price plus they are also sustainable – with reduced plastic, no harmful chemicals and compact packaging  -what’s not to love!”


Luke, Sales and Marketing Manager

“Any geneticist knows that accurate and clean dispensing of samples and reagents is imperative to a precise and accurate results. Our consumables offer this assurance of quality and our new reload filter tips, housed in cardboard packaging, coupled with BioEcho kits enable a sustainable extraction.”


Lana, Equipment Sales Manager

“Whatever your preferred method for DNA or RNA extraction, we have the equipment you will need. We can also supply the items you may need following sample extraction, such as gel electrophoresis equipment, PCR machines or nano spectrophotometers. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.”