Corning Webinar Series: Part Three- Tips and techniques for happier cells!


The third part of our Corning Webinar series will look at how a ‘happy’ environment can benefit your cells! Cell culture has become one of the major tools used in the life sciences nowadays. Tissue culture is the general term for the removal of cells, tissue, or organs from an animal or plant and their subsequent placement into an artificial environment conducive to growth.  

A “happy” environment is one that does more than just allow cells to survive in culture. Usually, it means an environment that, at the very least, allow cells to increase in number by undergoing cell division (mitosis). Even better, when conditions are just right, some cultured cells will maintain their in vivo physiological or biochemical functions also in a cell culture environment. To provide this thriving environment, it is important to provide the cells with the appropriate temperature, good subtract for attachment and the proper culture medium. All these points and other will be discussed during the presentation. 


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