As laboratories of all types move towards automating workflows it is important to us that we ensure our product offering evolves as well. Appleton Woods are now delighted to offer the flowbot ONE from Flow Robotics as a solution to this, as well as a range of Appleton consumables.

David Benson- Automation Sales Specialist

“We have recently partnered with Flow Robotics to offer a user-friendly liquid handling automation system. The flowbot ONE is a cost-effective and flexible system that is perfect for many applications. We can’t wait to talk to you about how the flowbot ONE and automation can benefit your lab – please contact us for more information!”


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Why choose the flowbot ONE?

Higher precision and accuracy. Reducing the rate of human error!

You can automate your workflow in minutes!

Less time spent pipetting, means more time for great science!

Finally, a user-friendly liquid handling robot!

Flow Robotics logo blue

The flowbot ONE is:

  • Easy to use – Performs a variety of different applications
  • User-Friendly – No programming expertise needed!
  • Flexible – Programme easily adjusted to new lab protocols
  • Cost effective!

Consumables to use with the flowbot ONE

Luke- Sales and Marketing Director

“Lab automation is proving to be increasingly important to keep up with the requirement for laboratory diagnostics and research development. Appleton Woods has expanded our range of high quality automation compatible consumables to meet this growing demand whilst remaining competitive on price”