Appleton Woods 2023 Easter Egg Hunt

Would you like to win an Easter Egg?

Using the clues below, find the 6 products the Easter Bunny needs to collect, grow and deliver its eggs in time for Easter!


  1. The Easter bunny is busy and running short of time. Help the bunny to get into the flow of things and automate its work!
  2. The eggs were tiny and the bunny couldn’t see! We magnified the eggs with this product – it was eggs-traordinary!
  3. Why did the bunny take the Easter eggs to the incubator? To hatch them in time for the egg hunt!
  4. Are the eggs ready to go? Count the bunny’s eggs, and you will know!
  5. Follow the bunny’s trail and you will find, a colourful egg of a certain kind, use this device to measure its hue, and you’ll be one step closer to finding the prize, too!
  6. The Easter bunny is late with its deliveries… help the bunny to ZAP into action!

Simply contact us at or on one of our social media channels and tell us which 6 products the Easter Bunny needs this year!

3 lucky winners will be chosen at random to win an Easter Egg!

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