0.1-20ul Filter Tips for Eppendorf Ultra Micro, sterile, Axygen

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    • Aerosol barrier to prevent aerosol and liquid contamination
    • Universal fit tips – compatible with most popular brands of pipettors
    • Manufactured from clear Polypropylene
    • Supplied sterile, RNase-, DNase- and endotoxin safe certified by lot number
    • Optimised tip bevel reduces sample hang-up and improves pipetting accuracy
    • Graduation marks allow a visual confirmation of pipettor draw accuracy
    • AXF002 & AXF005 are extended length tips
    • AXF003, AXF006, AXF202 & AXF203 are compatible with Eppendorf Ultra Micro
    • Supplied racked & sterile
    • Axygen MAXYMUM RECOVERY pipette tips feature ultra smooth surfaces for maximum sample recovery

– Exclusive moulding technology

– Reduce sample loss

– Save costly reagents

– Maximise accuracy and precision

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