appcycle, appCYCLE

The appCYCLE 2.0 is a laboratory waste recycling box that can accept ANY dry lab plastic waste that is then collected, washed, shredded and recycled!

Your waste will be turned into Stormboards, which can be used for construction or to make furniture. Ensuring the recyclable chain continues!

appcycle, appCYCLE

Accepts gloves, masks and ANY dry plastic laboratory waste

Available in two sizes- 100L and 1000L

Accepts waste from ANY manufacturer!

Your waste can be turned into furniture, houseware and garden products!

A tree will be planted for every purchase!

Any hazardous waste must be autoclaved prior to collection

Order your appCYCLE 2.0 here

appcycle, appCYCLE
Atqiya Alam- Product Development Executive

“The original appCYCLE was great, but after listening to customer feedback we decided to introduce the appCYCLE 2.0 with our customers in mind.

I have made the new recycling process easier by adding more accepted items, two sizes to choose from, and a more streamlined collection process!

Take your first step now towards sustainability with the appCYCLE 2.0″

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