UKSBS (RE21225)

UK Shared Business Services (UKSBS) RE21225 Laboratory Consumables

Special Pricing for High Quality Lab consumables

Lot 1 – Plastics Major
Sub Lot 1.1 – PCR (Multiwell plates, tubes, sealing film, strips, and lids)
Sub Lot 1.2 – Spreaders & Loops, Petri Dishes, Reservoirs and Weigh Boats
Lot 2 – Tissue Culture
Sub Lot 2.1 – Flasks, Tubes, Dishes, Multiwell Plates, Roller Bottles, Cell Scrapers and Lifters
Sub Lot 2.2 – Cell Culture Surfaces and Inserts
Lot 3 – Centrifuge bottles, Tubes & Containers (Sterile and Non-Sterile)
Sub Lot 3.1 – Centrifuge Bottles and Tubes
Sub Lot 3.2 – Caps, Tubes (including micro centrifuge tubes), Containers, Pots, Cylinders (plastic), Vials (including cryogenic vials), Bottles, Universals (plastics)
Sub Lot 3.3 – Cling Film, Tin Foil, Para Film, Autoclave Bags, Tapes and Labels
Lot 4 – Filter Paper & Membranes
Sub Lot 4.1 – Filter Paper, Membranes (nitrocellulose, PVDF and Nylon), Blotting Paper and Benchcote
Lot 6 – Laboratory Glassware & Bottles
Lot 7 – Storage Boxes & Racks
Lot 8 – Syringes, Needles, and Blood Collection
Lot 9 – Disposable Pipettes & Tips
Lot 10 – Non-Disposable Pipettes
Sub Lot 10.1 – Non-Disposable Handheld Pipettes
Sub Lot 10.3 – Pipette Controllers
Lot 13 – Laboratory Personal Protective Equipment
Sub Lot 13.1 – Nitrile Gloves, Cryo Gloves, Vinyl Gloves, Cotton Gloves and Latex Gloves

“I am happy to announce that we are on the UKSBS Lab Consumables framework. You can rest assured that you are purchasing from a market-tested, competitive price and quality assured company”

– Clara Dunning, e-procurement and Data Manager

What does this mean for me?

If your institution is part of this agreement you have access to special pricing on a range of consumables. Under the terms of the framework agreement you can buy from Appleton Woods, without holding a further competition, safe in the knowledge that you are buying from a leading company at market tested, competitive pricing.

For Orders & General Enquiries

Clara Dunning, e-procurement and Data Manager

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