Cell-Culturing Without FBS – Webinar with Multus Biotechnology!

We were delighted to co-host our first webinar with ground-breaking company Multus Biotechnology in October 2023, who are looking for new and innovative ways to change the future for R&D.

Did you miss the webinar? Click here or scroll below to watch the webinar recording & find out more about…

  • How AI and automation are changing the world of R&D!
  • What is cultivated meats and how can you benefit from it?
  • Proliferum – the only replacement for FBS you need!
  • What does the future look like for innovative R&D research…


Webinar host, Charlie, has a PhD from the University of Oxford in protein biochemistry and an MBA from INSEAD. He joined Multus to help make animal-free growth media more affordable and available, to support life science and cellular agriculture. Charlie works with customers globally to understand their media needs to help shape development of new ingredients and formulations at Multus.

Watch the Multus webinar here:

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