Supply Issues on Disposable Gloves

We are now experiencing severe supply issues on disposable nitrile gloves.  The global demand for gloves has been very strong during the Covid-19 crisis, and this is only increasing now that people are returning to their normal places of work.

There is pressure on the supply of raw materials to manufacturers as well as finished product. Consequently, we are seeing significant cost pressures and have little choice but to pay higher prices if we want to maintain supply.

We have implemented a ‘Reasonable Usage’ policy to try and protect supplies to our customers who have supported us with regular business in the past. We are prioritising supply to customers who purchased from us before the Covid-19 crisis and supplying within the quantity framework that these customers normally purchased from us to best manage our supply.  

We will do our best to help all customers within these constraints, and thank you for being patient with our sales and customer services team as they try their best to deal with your enquiries and meet the demand.

Chris Brown
Managing Director
Appleton Woods Ltd

9th September 2020