Revolutionising 3D Scaffolds – Webinar with Copner Biotech!

We were honoured to co-host our first webinar with multiple award winning start-up Copner Biotech in December 2023, who focus on researching and developing novel 3D cell culture technologies.

Did you miss the webinar? Click here or scroll below to watch the webinar recording & find out more about…

  • 3D cell culture and its benefits
  • Transitioning your 2D cultures into a 3D setting
  • Copner Biotech’s bioprinter with novel software


Webinar host, Jordan Copner, graduated from Cardiff University in 2018 with a Bachelors in Biochemistry and has gone on to hold high level roles in industry, including product development roles at GE Healthcare and Cytiva. In the summer of 2020, Jordan left Cytiva to start his own biotechnology start-up called Copner Biotech.

Watch the Copner webinar here:

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