Reagents- Autumn/Winter Sale 2023

We have a wide variety of reagents on offer- including our own branded Appleton products, plus many NEW products from Copner Biotech, Multus and more…

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Appleton PCR Reagents

The Appleton PCR range uses enhanced polymerases offering a range of uses from traditional amplification to high-fidelity cloning mixes. If you have a GC-rich or sample with PCR inhibitors our range has all the tools needed to easily optimise your work.

Appleton qPCR Reagents

The Appleton qPCR range offers the complete range of tools needed for quantification of genomic, cDNA and viral sequences. The appGREEN mixes use a non-inhibiting SYBR-based dye for easy-optimised PCR even when there are low copy numbers.

“We have recently introduced further BioEcho kits into the range. The new Buccal swab kits are easy-to-use and allows extraction of 96 samples within 15 minutes after swab handling.”

DNA/RNA Sample Preparation

FBS for Cell Culture

Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS) is the most frequently used growth supplement for cell culture media.We have three different types of FBS to choose from depending on your requirements.

Other Media and Sera from Capricorn Scientific

Atqiya, Product Development Executive

“Copner Biotech’s 3D Scaffolds are designed with oxygen and nutrient gradients to encourage cell proliferation and so that cells exhibit more physiologically relevant morphologies when compared to 2D cultures. Also, there’s no batch to batch variation due to Copner Biotech’s bespoke 3D modelling and printing techniques!”

3D Scaffolds

  • Cells exhibit more physiologically relevant morphologies when compared to 2D culture
  • Enhanced cell capture and adhesion whilst using low cell seeding concentrations
  • Uses up to 10 times less antibody for staining applications

Proliferum® LSR is a serum-free 1:1 FBS replacement suitable for primary and immortalised cell proliferation. Suitable for a variety of environments including adherence cell culture, suspension culture, cell isolation and cryopreservation

Vitronectin is a protein present naturally in animals and can be used with growth media in cultivated meat or used as an extracellular matrix (ECM) to promote cell proliferation and supports normal colony morphology. This is an animal free product.

The MycoGenie Rapid Mycoplasma Detection Kit enables the rapid and simple detection of mycoplasma contamination in cell culture. This novel system detects mycoplasma in 1 hour from 1µl of cell culture supernatant by visual determination eliminating the requirement for PCR, qPCR, electrophoresis or ELISA.

The MycoGenie Rapid Mycoplasma Detection Kit can detect up to 28 mycoplasma species, including 8 of the most common species associated with cell culture contamination.

The kit is compatible with a comprehensive suite of cell culture media and serum.

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