Transport swab, plastic shaft, synthetic tip, Amies

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Pack Size: 500

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  • CE marked as Class IIa in accordance with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (for transient invasive use)
  • The unique venturi design of the swab tube prevents bubbles or breaks forming in the transport medium
  • Each batch is tested for performance – each case contains a certificate of sterility and quality assurance
  • Guaranteed 15 month shelf life – each tube is printed with a lot number and expiry date
  • Unique packaging system combines a nitrogen flushed aluminium inner bag with a laminated film pouch to prevent oxidation and dehydration of the media, ensuring optimum performance
  • M40 transport swabs (SS390 and SS391) have the following added benefits:
    – Comply with the NCCLS M40-A and the DIN 58942-4 standards
    – Extended length of time for bacterial survival – 48 hours (minimum)
    – Compliant at room temperature (21C) and at 4C

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