Touchclave-Lab F Series Autoclave

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  • Capacities from 150 to 300 litres
  • Choice of either an integral steam generator situated beneath chamber or own direct steam supply
  • A fully interlocked vertical easy-glide sliding door
  • Touchscreen control system through which all commands, cycle data, programme data and alarms can be inputted and displayed
  • A choice of load-specific cycles or can develop own cycle profile
  • Water jacket cooling system speeds up cooling stage of sterilisation cycle
  • Automatic electronic data archiving of up to 5,000 cycles
  • Internal built-in exhaust condensate unit, thus preventing damage to plastic pipes and the environment
  • Built-in silent air compressor
  • Option of combined vacuum and air ballast system
  • 10 year warranty on pressure vessel integrity
  • Accessories see AU00051, AU0052, AU0061, AU0062, AU0441-0443

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