SI600C, Incubator, orbital shaker, large cooled

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  • Ideal for scientists doing cell culturing procedures, especially suspension culture applications
  • Combine with the SRC5 recirculating cooler to operate at temperatures down to 15°C below ambient (min 5°C)
  • Orbital shaking motion, adjustable between 30 to 300rpm with a gentle start action
  • Microprocessor controlled shaking speed set via the digital LED control panel
  • Versatile digital timer which can be set from 1 second to 9 days
  • Smoked acrylic windows in the door and to both sides to allow easy visibility of the samples
  • All viewing windows are double glazed to prevent condensation build up during sub-ambient use
  • Forced air circulation ensures uniform heating or cooling of the load.
  • Typically accommodates the following Erlenmeyer flasks: 6 x 2000ml, 9 x 1000ml or 15 x 500ml.
  • USB connection with dedicated software enables long term monitoring of the incubator temperature, i.e. over weekends.

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