Salt Solution Humidity Cabinets, LEEC

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LEEC’s Salt Solution Humidity Cabinets all have stainless steel interiors and adjustable stainless-steel shelves. All SF models have sealed chambers making them suitable for humidity’s up to 98%. SF models can have an optional outer door heater to demist the inner glass door(s). CFC-free Polyurethane insulation provides very efficient thermal stability in these models with a 12mm access port is provided as standard.

Monitoring and controlling both heating and cooling functions are performed with great accuracy, achieving typical temperature stability of ±0.5°C. The microprocessor-based digital display allows the temperature performance to be easily verified and a digital over-temperature safety cut out is fitted to all models.

Salt-type SF models rely on forced evaporation from pans/trays on the chamber floor, containing known saturated salt solutions which is a simple and reliable method of humidity control. As an alternative, the chamber itself can directly hold a greater volume of the saturated salt solution if pans/trays are not desirable.

  • Tried and trusted technology
  • Available as “heat only” or “heat and cool”
  • Fan assisted
  • Simple to use
  • Stainless steel chambers and shelves
  • Digital temperature control


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