S41i Incubator Shaker and Accessories, New Brunswick

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    Designed specifically for non-adherent cell culture applications, the S41i combines precise temperature and CO2 control with the best laboratory shaker available resulting in high cell yields and viability
  • The intuitive touch screen display and controls allows you to operate and monitor performance
  • A unique six-sided direct-heating profile provides gentle convection circulation of the chamber atmosphere for exceptionally uniform temperature control
  • Easy to clean seamless stainless steel chamber eliminates a potential source of contamination
  • Fanless design eliminates a common source of repeated contamination and expensive HEPA filters
  • High temperature disinfection (HTD) protects against bacterial contamination
  • Unique InfraRed (IR) CO2 sensor offers specific measurement and accurate control of CO2 levels
  • Temperature range from 4 °C above ambient to 50 °C
  • Shaking speeds between 25 – 400 rpm (±1 % full scale), 25 – 300 rpm if stacked, provides versatility for culturing a wide range of cell types
  • Large 35.6 x 61 cm platform accommodates flasks up to 4 litres
  • Glass inner door allows viewing of the cultures without compromising sample and environmental integrity
  • USB port for communication and external instrument logging
  • Includes removable stainless steel humidity pans
  • Optional BioCommand® SFI software for remote and historical data logging and report generation


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