RH & temp transmitter, Hanna

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  • This solid-state transmitter plugs into its wall-mounted receptacle for on-site, continuous monitoring of relative humidity and temperature in critical or controlled environments
  • Excellent accuracy of ±2% RH and ±1% °C
  • Each 4-20 mA analog signal can be sent to remote panel meters, controllers or data acquisition systems
  • The signals are to be powered by separate external voltage sources
  • Equipped with a removable sintered cap, the sensor is well protected for the long run against the effects of dust or unclean environments
  • With the filter removed, the response time is greatly reduced, however, in some applications, such as food and industry, reliability rather than response time is the primary objective
  • With the filter installed, the life of the sensor and the instrument is prolonged and less maintenance is required

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