Reaction Stations, Electrothermal

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    The OS6000 series STEM Omni Reaction Stations are used in wet chemistry, enabling you to run up to 6 reactions simultaneously at the same controlled temperature and stirring rate.


  • Modular design means the same base unit can accommodate a variety of cartridges and sample volumes from 2 to 1000ml
  • Compact footprint means they can be placed into any fume hood or onto a small bench plate
  • Stir speeds of 100-800 rpm
  • All heater cartridges are equipped with “in block heaters” that allow temperatures up to 220°C
  • High level of stability (±1.5°C) across the heater cartridge itself
  • Includes an external temperature probe to increase temperature accuracy to ±0.5°C
  • Outer casing is “cool to touch” as an added safety feature


Kit ContentsOS6050OS6050X1OS6100OS6100X1OS6250OS6250X1
Omni Controller (OMCA)++++++
Omni heating cartridge (OSD656)6 x 56mm6 x 56mm6 x 56mm6 x 56mm6 x 56mm6 x 56mm
Reducing sleeves (ATS10110)++
Omni reaction Vessels (glassware)6 x 50ml6 x 50ml6 x 100ml6 x 100ml6 x 250ml6 x 250ml
Inerting caps++++++
Stirrer bars++++++
Omni Reflux/Inerting head++++++
External Temperature Probe++++++
Reducing Column (ATS10096)++++++


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