Primostar 3 Upright Microscopes

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Your Robust yet Compact Microscope for Digital Teaching and Routine Lab Work

No matter if you need a microscope for education, training or routine lab work: Primostar 3 is the easy-to-use, compact and long-lasting instrument that turns your investment into the right choice for long working hours even in the most space-limited environments.Your students, trainees and lab staff can focus on the essentials from the very start, just choose the ideal microscope configuration for your tasks and applications from our pre-defined packages and you are ready to go. Primostar 3 comes pre-configured out of the box for a true plug & play experience, making it your reliable partner in microscopy today and in the years to come.

Tailored perfectly to your application

Primostar 3 Fixed-Köhler for Education
  • The fixed-Köhler version of Primostar 3 comes pre-adjusted with a large 20 mm FOV (field of view) – just plug and play.
  • A useful selection of objective lenses and eyepieces is already in place.
  • Additional plus: manage costs and energy with long-lasting LED illumination.
Primostar 3 for Teaching and Routine Labs
  • Choose between a 30-Watt halogen bulb or energy-saving LED illumination with stable intensity and colour temperature.
  • Add the fluorescence tube and turn your Primostar 3 into an LED fluorescence microscope.
  • Choose from a variety of contrasting techniques, suitable objective lenses and options for digital connectivity and documentation.
Build your Own Digital Classroom

PK048 features a digital microscope camera that is fully integrated into the tube, offering superior connectivity options. You connect microscopes in your classroom with Labscope, the unique microscopy app from ZEISS, and share snapshots or live video via HD monitors or projectors with your students. With the optional software module Labscope Teacher you manage and organize your whole digital classroom by getting insights into each and every student microscope from your Apple iPad or Windows PC. For online teaching purposes, you simply connect Primostar 3 with your Windows PC and share the camera feed from your microscope directly with all participants in the remote video call.

  • Simply connect your Primostar 3 microscopes with WiFi-cameras and install the ZEISS Labscope microscopy app. As a teacher, you see all student microscopes at a glance, choose an image from a student microscope and share it via projector or monitor with the whole class.
  • Primostar 3 with the integrated 8.3 Megapixel HD WiFi camera and WiFi dongle is the package of choice for digital learning. The integrated camera offers a variety of interfaces such as LAN/Ethernet and USB-C 3.0. An additional plus: the integrated power supply frees you from numerous cables.


All microscopes can be customised, please contact our Microscopy Specialist, Dr. Mark Perkins, to find your perfect configuration!

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