Power Supplies, Axygen

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The Axygen Power Supplies are full-featured power sources ideal for molecular biology workflows including DNA, RNA, and protein gel electrophoresis applications, as well as blotting.

The compact user interface has 4 sets of colour-coded terminals allowing for use with up to 4 gel boxes simultaneously. Depending on the model, operating modes include constant voltage, current, or power all with automatic crossover feature.

The Power Supplies feature an easy to set, LCD backlit, digital display to perform according to the needs of your operational parameters. The AXA1170 has the ability to set programs with 10 steps per program. Both units have timers, are stackable, and are engineered with safety in mind to meet the requirements that today’s protocols demand.


  • Ideal for small format protein gels or DNA horizontal gels
  • Easy to run constant mode for consistent Voltage or Amperage protocols


  • High amperage great for Western blotting
  • Programmable


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Code: AXA1170
£1,051.80 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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£553.60 (Excluding VAT at 20%)
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