PG 8583 Glass washer, Stainless steel AD (for pressurised demin) 2 x liquid dosing pump, 400V/50

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Laboratory dishwasher with pump for AD water, liquid dispensing, DryPlus & conductivity monitoring.

  • Performance/cycle, e.g. 128 laboratory bottles
  • Safety – Wash pressure, spray arm and conductivity monitoring
  • Efficient hot air drying – DryPlus. The hot air drying feature DryPlus is the perfect solution for hollow body instruments. The upstream H13 HEPA filter ensures optimum particle separation from the drying air. The filter can be easily accessed via a cover in the front of the plinth area.
  • Total security – link to process documentation possible
  • Integrated water softener – Minerals in tap water can hinder the cleaning process and cause deposits to form on instruments and in the machine. Miele thermal disinfectors are fitted with a water softener which removes the bulk of ions from tap water which cause water hardness. In the case of extremely hard water and in practices using large amounts of instruments, additional complete demineralisation may make sound economic sense.
  • Variable speed heater pump – The variable-speed heater pump is the heart of Miele Professional’s washer-disinfectors and is a particularly unique feature. The speed of the pump and thus the wash pressure is adjusted for individual programme blocks – high pressure facilitates the removal of stubborn soiling, while low pressure guarantees complete wetting of the whole load.
  • Conductivity monitoring – Residues from chemical agents during the final rinse phase can compromise the reprocessing result. Conductivity monitoring of the wash water facilitates the detection of such residues and their reduction to a defined level through further rinsing. This means that the reprocessing is more reliable, more resource-friendly and also reproducible.


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