Multi-Channel Pipettors, Discovery Pro, HTL

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  • Ultra lightweight and extremely low pipetting forces for exceptional comfort
  • Unique pushbutton-lever system reduces tip ejection force by 30%
  • The contoured shape of the handle and finger hook guarantee correct grip reducing wrist strain and fatigue
  • Fully autoclavable without the need to recalibrate* and can be safely sterilised with UV radiation
  • Volume setting and locking mechanism enables one-handed operation
  • Fast counter rewinding for quick and easy volume adjustment
  • 360 degree ejector
  • Thermal insulation of internal parts improves accuracy
  • Will fit “Eppendorf style” tips
  • Unique, patented multichannel manifold ensures an excellent tip seal whilst minimising ejection force
  • User calibration with calibration switch and key – red calibration switch and cap in all pipettor sizes with laser printed calibration position marking (“CAL”) for better pipettor mode identification, helping to avoid accidental miscalibration.
  • 3 year warranty


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Code: HDP030
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