Insect Media, Corning

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    Insect cells are ideal candidates for Baculovirus Express Vector Systems for the production of recombinant genes due to their fast doubling times and ability to grow in suspension

Grace’s Insect Basal Medium (Vaughn Modification)

      • Modification of Wyatt’s medium
      • The basal medium has been used to culture cells derived from a variety of insects
      • It is primarily used as a basal medium for the growth and maintenance of cell lines derived from lepidopterans

Hink’s TNM-FH Medium (Modification)

      • A modified Grace’s formulation containing lactalbumin hydrolysate (LAH) and ultrafiltered yeastolate

>insectagro® DS2

      • Developed for the growth and maintenance of Drosophila Schneider 2 (S2) cells to be used in heterologous protein expression
      • At the optimal temperature range (22-24°C), DS2 cells grow as a loose monolayer and are readily adaptable to growth in suspension

insectagro® Sf9

      • insectagro® Sf9 is formulated to support the propagation of Sf9 insect cells in culture, and can also be used with Sf21 cells
      • Sf9 cells cultured in non-humidified, non-CO2 incubators at 27°C display both monolater and suspension culture qualities
      • With their fast doubling times of 18-22 hours, Sf9 cells are easily scaled up to large cultures using bioreactors

Poloxamer 188

    • Synthetic polymer of sucrose and epichlorohydrin used for the density gradient separation of cells, cell membranes and virus cells
    • It can also be used to isolate different organelles


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