Innova C760 Chest -86C Freezer, New Brunswick

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  • Vacuum insulation panel technology reduces wall thickness so get larger capacity for a smaller footprint
  • Microprocessor controlled accumulator increases compressor efficiency, decreases power consumption and reduces recovery time after door opening
  • New gasketed insulated inner doors that lift off without tools for easier cleaning
  • Easy to read LED display
  • User defined password protection and keyed lock
  • 5 year parts and labour warranty

  • U725-G Green Freezer

  • The new U725-G hydrocarbon freezer have the same advanced features as the original Innova U725 model but with a 5-10% decrease in power consumption
  • By switching to a hydrocarbon propane/butane based refrigeration system NBS can offer the most environmentally friendly, energy efficient ulT freezer on the market, while maintaining safety and reliability
  • Water-cooled options are also available for even more energy savings (please enquire)

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